How does the Live Wall and Avatar Wall Widgets Work?

These Widgets display content from the connected Flow in the following way:

  • They load first the newest 80 posts.

  • Every 10 seconds, new posts are fetched and displayed immediately. If new posts are not brought again at any time, the Widgets will continue displaying the information from older posts.

  • For the Live Wall, the automatic cycling with a flip animation only happens when the number of accepted Posts is greater or fewer than 5 times the selected row number. For example:

    1 row: 1 X 5 = 5, you should have 4 or less accepted posts OR 6 or more accepted posts.
    2 rows: 2 X 5 = 10, you should have 9 or less accepted post OR 11 or more accepted posts.
    3 rows: 3 X 5 = 15, you should have 14 or less accepted post OR 16 or more accepted posts.
    And so on...

  • Under a high-speed traffic situation, some posts might never be displayed. However, the speed at which the avatars or posts are displayed increases. On the contrary, with slow traffic, a lot of posts might be repeated and the Widget might be perceived as slow since the speed decreases.

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