Setting up a Mosaic

Use the Mosaic Widget to display curated social media content, including photos, videos, and animated GIF.

To learn how to add Elements and Widgets to your Page, click here.

Mosaic Properties


This widget supports only Flows. Pick one to start displaying content.

Load More

Once you select a Flow, the content will be loaded and displayed in your Visualization. Whenever new content is available, users can load more posts by clicking on Load More


(1) The Mosaic Widget supports content from the following sources:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

(2) The Mosaic shows from 6 up to 36 posts per page.

(3)  Enable or disable the "Only Posts with Media" option depending on the content you want to display. If enabled, the Widget will only show posts with photos or videos. 


Height: You may set the Mosaic Height in pixels

Hide author info: You may choose not to show the author's username and handle (Author info will be automatically hidden if not available)

Hide Avatars: You may choose not to show the author's profile picture (Avatars will be automatically hidden if not available)

Background Color: You can change the Background mosaic color using the color picker. 

Card Color: You may set the text mentions color. 

Typography: Pick the font from the list, add one from the google font catalog, or add your own custom font. For more information click here.

Links color: Pick the color which the links of a Tweet will be displayed.

Margins: Set the top and/or bottom margins.

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