Setting up an Avatar Wall

Use this content widget to display a live wall of avatars from those users who are participating either mentioning your social accounts, hashtags or keywords related with your event.

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This widget supports only Flows. Pick one of them to start displaying content. We recommend that default action of the content collected by the flow should be "Keep pending" so from the Content Inbox, you can control which avatars are going to be displayed through the widget.


Sources: Enable the social media sources from where you want to display the content and then click on Apply.

Bear in mind:
  • Avatars should not be repeated however when a user generates a lot of content, the widget can repeat his/her avatar.

  • The avatars also bring the content that the users have generated.

  • Access to the content by clicking on the avatar, then the widget generates a preview of the tweet or the post.

  • As new content comes in, avatars are displayed randomly and with a flipping effect.


1. Show source icons: Enable this toggle to show the icon of the social network on the avatar.

2. Rows: The number of avatars displayed is given by the numbers of rows you have added to the widget. Be aware that established avatar size will impact the number displayed avatars. You can set from 1 to 7 rows.

Other Properties

Rounded avatars: In terms of design, you can choose to display the rounded or squared avatars.

  • Rounded

  • Squared

Avatars size: Specifies the size of the avatars.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Space between avatars: Set the spacing between each avatar.

  • No space

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

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