Setting up Top Tweets

Use it to display a ranking of the Tweets most Retweeted around a specific conversation and promote user participation.

Enable the Top Terms Tracking option located in the stats settings tab when creating the Flow.

To learn how to add Elements and Widgets to your Page, click here.

Top Tweets Properties


This widget supports only Flows. Pick one of them to start displaying content.


(1) Number to display: Define the number of tweets displayed. You can set from 1 to 20 (five by five).

Sources: There is only one source (Twitter) available for this widget.


Show RTs count: Enable the toggle to show Retweets on the widget or disable if you do not want to show it.

Tweets background: Change the background color of the Tweets.

Typography: Pick the font from the list, add one from the google font catalog, or add your own custom font. For more information click here.

Links color: Pick the color which the links of a Tweet will be displayed.

Cycle interval: Useful to display the Tweets for a certain period.

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