Understanding stats vs content Widgets

"Widgets" are visual interactive elements that display information or provide a specific way for users to interact with them.

Within our Widgets catalog, you will find two groups of Widgets: Content and Stats.

Content Widgets

Use content Widgets to display the social content collected from your Flows.

Only Accepted posts, resulting from the curation and moderation actions, will be displayed by these Widgets. 

Our content Widgets are:

  • Avatar Wall
  • Mosaic
  • Live Feed
  • Ticker
  • Live Wall

Stats Widgets

Display metrics are produced based on all the content filtered by the Flow without taking into account any curation or moderation performed.

Regardless the status of the posts (Accepted, Pending or Rejected), all collected content by the Flow will be reflected in the final result. 

Stats Widgets are used, among other things, to display authors' activity, popular posts, top terms, places where people are participating the most, a comparison between Flows activity', and much more!  

Our stats Widgets are:

  • Flock to Unlock
  • Word Cloud
  • Heat Map
  • Buzz Volume
  • Versus
  • Top Authors
  • Ranking
  • Counter

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