Working with a Facebook Live Provider

Connect this provider to a Facebook Live Mechanic to display On-air Poll & Text Poll results, and answers (as comments) to the Facebook Questions during live streaming on Facebook.

Use this Data Provider if you would like to build your own graphics layout such as Lower thirds, L-bars, crawlers, Tickers, full screens, etc. 

In the case you are looking for a predefined graphics then we recommend using the Facebook Live Widget in any of its available layouts.

Before setting up a Facebook Live Provider for Graphics you should:

1. Create a Facebook Live Mechanic

2. Set up your Facebook Live Mechanic.

Remember, an Overlay will be created automatically if you didn't add it to Tree after adding the Provider.

To learn how to add elements to the Tree, click here‍.

Working with a Facebook Live Data Provider

1. Connect an existing Mechanic

After adding the Facebook Live Data Provider to the Tree, on the Inspector click on Connect to an existing Mechanic.  

(1) Select the Facebook Live provider from the Tree and on the Inspector connect the Mechanic that will provide the data to link it to each of the elements of the graphics.

2. Question

(1) Add a Text Element as a child of the provider. As a good practice, rename it by double-clicking on it, so you can identify your Graphics when triggering it on-air.

(2) Connect it to the poll Question, so every time you set a question On-air from the remote this will change automatically to the new question and you don't need to manually change it. 

3. Data Biding

Add a Dynamic Content List ‍as a child of your Facebook Live Provider, and connect the list to the Options Data. 

4. Layout

From here you can start adding as children of the List item all the Building Blocks you consider necessary to build your graphics and you can position them in the place you want inside the canvas.

You can add the elements in the order you want, you can also add more or fewer elements. We will be showing the basics then you decide what to show and how. 

Facebook Live Polls/Text Polls


(1) Either the Value and the Label are Text elements. 

The Value is connected to the percentage but you can also connect it to the count to show the total number of votes instead. 

The Label is Connected to the option name.


(1) The image was added to the Tree to display the Broadcast image you added to your Mechanic.

(2) This building block is connected to the image source of the Mechanic.

Progress Bar

(1) The Bar is a Progress Bar Building Block.

(2) It is connected to the percentage to represent in a visual way the percentage of each option. 



It is a Container where the Title background is set.


It is a Container where the general background is set.

Facebook Live Questions

To display the answers that your audience submitted through the Facebook Live Questions box then you need to add an additional provider to the Tree and it could be a sibling of the Facebook live provider or you can add it in a different overlay, that will depend on the layout you want to build. 

Adding Answers

1. Create a Collection‍.

2. Add a Collection Data Provider ‍and connect it to the collection recently created. Then, add a Dynamic Content List and connect it to posts. 

3. Finally, add as many elements as you want to design your graphics for the Facebook Live Answers. For further information, take a look at the Collection Provider article.

In case you are looking for a predefined way to display the answers, then we recommend using the Comments Widget in any of its available layouts.

Percentage Precision

With this feature you will be able to choose hoy many decimals you wish to display for your poll results in your graphics.

5. Remote Control / Live operation

With the Remote Control, you can manage and decide when to trigger On-air the overlay that contains the live interactions (Polls, Questions, Text Polls) using the  IN  and  OUT  button.   

During live operation, use the gearwheel icon to 

  • Open the Facebook Live mechanic remote to switch between live interactions. 
  • Edit the poll if this was not open yet. 
  • Add new live interactions. 
  • Send the Poll, Text Poll, or Question to the Facebook stream by clicking on Open so your audience can participate in the live interaction. 
  • Close the live interaction.
  • Click On-air to make the results available in your graphic.  

Use the Moderation tab to moderate, curate, and add the answers to your Questions to a Collection to display them on air. All this is accessible from the remote and during the live operation.  

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