Getting to know team member roles

Members of a Team are assigned a role. These roles determine the scope of activities that individuals are permitted or restricted to perform within the Company. Users who are not part of a team are unassigned members and do not have access to any Project.  

The Company Admin is not associated with any team, however, can access all the Projects within the Company. Also, an Admin will be able to invite new users to the Company's Teams and assign them one of the available roles.


Understanding the Roles of a Team


Have the ability to oversee teams by inviting or removing users, as well as assigning or reassigning user roles to team members. However, Managers cannot create new Managers. They have the authority to manage all the Projects accessible to their team while being unable to view projects outside their team.


Holds the capability to oversee the Projects they have access to and possesses the authority to create, modify, and remove Flows, Graphics, Pages, and Middleware Sources, among others.


Granted the ability to view the Projects that the user can access, their scope of action is limited to executing tasks exclusively within the widget moderation and Content Inbox, including Collections.


You will see listed mechanics from other teams as a viewer. This way, you can connect the Mechanics created by other teams to display on the screen the results of the Poll or Scoring.


If you are from the production team and you need to collect social content from the official accounts of the guests/participants of your TV show to display that content on screen, you will need to invite them to Flowics so that they can associate their social accounts. This will grant them permission to collect the content generated in the associated social networks.

Neither of these Roles, including the Company Admin, has access to the Middleware Configuration page. Your designated Customer Success Manager will need to give specific access to the Users that require these permissions.



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