Supported Embed Content for Mechanics

When setting up a Mechanic, you can embed content to each option, instead of just images. 

Videos will not be hosted by Flowics. Instead, you need to provide an URL to your video player.

Supported Embed

If you want to add a video, it needs to be hosted by you and served over the https protocol. 

Domain whitelisting

Make sure that the domain has the permissions to play the hosted video. For more information, contact your IT admin. 

In case you can not host the video, an alternative option is uploading it as unlisted to a video-sharing platform like YouTube, or Vimeo. Also, you can upload videos from Tik-Tok, and Spotify playlists (Use the embed URL in this case).

Embedding content to each option of a Mechanic

Bear in mind embedding Tik-Tok videos is not supported by mechanics like Votes, and Story.

(1) Choose Embeds as the media type.

(2) Click to add the URL.

(3) Paste the URL. 

  • The corresponding social network icon will be shown. 
  • Clicking on that icon will open the embedded content on a new tab.

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