Creating a Mechanic

To create a new Mechanic, go to ENGAGE >> Mechanics, and click on the "+" icon to choose the Mechanic you want to create.

For certain Mechanics, you can choose to use either a Single version or a Multiple version. 

Use Multiple versions of a Mechanic if you're planning to create a "playlist" of multiple interactions, that will be presented to an audience one after the other, as part of a single Project. This is the case of Trivias or game shows or Projects in which you expect viewers to engage with multiple polls, votes, or scoring mechanics.

If instead you just want to run a single interaction, go with the Simple version of the Mechanic.

If you are using a Story mechanic, this is already a mechanic with multiple interactions, that enables you to combine polls, scoring, and votes all in one single playlist of interactivity.

To learn how to set up your Mechanic find it listed below and click on it.

Available only for subscriptions including the SECOND SCREEN module

Available with all Plans

Available only for subscriptions including the STREAMING EXTENSIONS module

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