Removing the Flowics App from Facebook

Business integration are services you have connected to your Facebook account to manage one or more of your Pages.

If you have connected Flowics business integrations with Facebook, it means that we can request information you chose to share with us, which includes your name, profile pictures, username, user ID, networks and any information you choose to make publicly available. 

Social accounts association to Flowics has expired

Instagram business account and Facebook page credentials associated with Flowics can expire and you will need to renew your social accounts' permissions to continue collecting content. For a step by step on how to renew your social accounts, click here.

In case the social accounts have been removed but are still not working when re-added, you will need to remove the Flowics business integration with Facebook.

How to remove the Flowics App associated with your Facebook account

In order to remove the Flowics business integration with Facebook, follow the steps below:

(1) The Facebook Page administrator associated with the Instagram business account needs to go to the personal Facebook Settings. Open your personal profile settings and click on Settings & Privacy

(2) Click on Settings

(3) Find Business Integrations and click on it

(4) Select the Flowics App

(5) Click on Remove

Then, you will need to:

(6) Go to the Flowics' Social Accounts section

(7) Remove the Facebook pages associated with Flowics

(8) Remove the Instagram business accounts associated with Flowics

After removing your Instagram business accounts and Facebook Pages, you must associate them again to renew the account's permissions. For further information on how to connect your social accounts with Flowics, click here.

(9) Click on "+" to add a new account

(10) Choose the facebook page or the Instagram business account

Select Continue and authenticate with Facebook

Then, click on Continue as "xxx" (where 'xxx' is your Facebook user). Keep in mind the user must be Admin or Editor in the Facebook page associated with Flowics

Choose the Instagram Business accounts and Facebook pages you want to work with.

Make sure you have selected all permissions for the page:

  • Access profile and posts from the Instagram business connected to your page 
    • Access Instagram profile info and posts
  • Access insights for the Instagram business connected to your page 
    • Access Instagram insights 
  • Manage your Pages

After completing these steps, your account will once again have the required permissions and your Flows will go back to collecting content.

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