Working with Data Connectors: JSON HTTP Push

This Data Connector is included by default in the Graphics license. It DOES NOT require payment of any additional fee.

The Data Connector JSON HTTP Push enables receiving content from an external system in a JSON format.


While some APIs are publicly available, there are other ones requiring authentication. Keep in mind:

  • The App ID or authentication token needs to be added to the URL.
  • Authentication based on headers IS NOT supported.
  • Generate Data connectors Inputs and configure it as JSON HTTP Push - Content 

Generate the Data Connector Input

(1) Unfold the Settings at the top menu and then select  Data Connectors - Inputs. (2) clic on Add and choose JSON HTTP Push - Content.

If the "+" button is not visible, it is because only company administrators have the privilege to add data connectors - Inputs. If you require access to this functionality, please reach out to your designated Customer success manager or the support team. 

(3) Edit the new Input.

(4) The token is the identifier that is generated for each new Input. 

(5) Push URL is the instruction with the integrated token. 

(6) You can assign the name of your Input. Schema is the section where you can edit the JSON schema.

(7)  In case you do not have the Schema

(8)  If you had previously generated the schema.


(7) Generate From Example

(1) Enter the JSON.

(2) Click on Generate schema from example.

(3) Edit it in case one does not match the type. For example, if it is an image it should be of the type "imageURL".

(4) Click on Create.


(8) Direct Input

(1) Go to Direct Input.

(2) Paste the schema.

(3) Click on Create.


   Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add a Data Connector to your tree (1) and then click on Connect (2)
From the Data Connector panel choose JSON HTTP Push (if it is not listed contact your designated Customer Success Manager).

(3) Select the input you added earlier, in the Data Connectors - Inputs section

Now you will get an endpoint URL or the curl where you need to make the POST request. Bear in mind this Data Connector expects a POST request from an external system. The data sent needs to be formatted according to the schema you have defined.

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