Working with Data Connectors: Equipe
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This Data Connector is not included in the Graphics license and requires payment of an additional licensing fee. If you need access please contact our support team at

This data connector allows you to integrate equestrian shows data such as tournaments, races, horses, jockeys (riders), and much more!


This data connector requires an API key. Get additional detail on getting the Authentication Key here

Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add a Data Connector to your tree (1) and then click on Connect (2).

Datasets / Tables

This Data Connector gives us the information obtained from a horse riding competition such as shows, competitions, riders, horses, competition results, etc.

Competitions Judgement

Get the detail of how the result is sorted as well as information about the name of the horse, the name of the rider, or the country to which it belongs.

Competitions start

Using this data set obtain information about the competition rounds, start list, class, etc.

Competitions Teams

Get results of the competition like time result, name of the rider, name of the horse, nationality, etc.


Using this Dataset you can obtain the information about a particular rider like, name, nationality, competition in which participate, etc.


With this Dataset you can obtain specific information about the horse such as horse name, horse weight, horse number within the competition, etc.

Competitions Results

Using this dataset you can get information about, result preview, result_at, etc.

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