Using the Image in a Page
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This element allows you to add images to your Visualization. It supports common files formats like:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • Animated GIF

  • SVG

Adding an Image

Drag the Image element from the left sidebar and drop it into your Visualization

On the left sidebar, click the option to choose an image or drop it there.


You can set the image to the:

  • left of a column inside a container

  • center of a column inside a container

  • Right of a column inside a container

Image Link

  • You can link the image to your site by adding a URL address to the image.


  • Use the margins to add space between elements by increasing the number of pixels on any given side. The Image element only has a top and bottom margin.

Image Size

  • You can edit the image size by clicking on Clip icon

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