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Creating a comments Lower 3rd using Flowics Atom Feed
Creating a comments Lower 3rd using Flowics Atom Feed
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we are going to show how you can configure a Comments Lower 3rd scene in Viz Artist.

This scene supports integrations with Flowics + TRIO and also FLowics + Pilot Edge.

Please request the .via to our support team at


1. Having installed the latest version of the Middleware and connected to a Collection Middleware Source. Make sure you have selected "Others" as the Integration type.

Integrating Flowics with Viz Artist

1. Import the Flowics scene in Viz Artist.

2. Open the scene.

3. Take a look at the tree and plugins that compose the scene and make sure there are no missing plugins.

4. Check the configuration of the following elements:

(1) Control Object

(2) Control Text -> UserName

(3) Control Text -> Message

(4) Control Image -> Avatar

Control Object

This plugin must be configured as follow:

(1) Put a name as an identifier, it can be any of our choices.

(2) Select the Middle layer

(3) Click on Restore Stop Points to clear all the values of the scene and take the variables that were just set.

Setting up Control Text Plugin

It is very important to add the same prefix followed by a dot inside the plugins, this prefix can be any word we choose as shown below. The prefix selected for this scene was Social1, followed by the fields obtained from the atom file. For example:

  • User name = author

  • Post = content

  • Avatar = thumbnail

  • Social Network = contributor

The settings for the Twitter user and the tweeted comment are the same, just change the name after the prefix:

Setting up Control Image Plugin

In the Field Identifier, it must be configured as follows:


Where Social1 is the prefix (it can be any combination of words) and the thumbnail corresponds to the field of the atom file that you will use to show the user's avatar.

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