Setting up Data Connectors

An API key is required for most of the external content integrations with Flowics. Your data provider must provide you with this Key that will allow Flowics to access the data. 

After having the API Key and verifying that your user is type of Company Admin go to Flowics and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Data Connectors >> External Integrations
  2. Select an Integration within the list
  3. Add an account
  4. Add a name and description
  5. Save
  6. Add Integration Credentials 
  7. Add token (the API key provided by your data provider)
  8. Save

After registering the API in Flowics you can go to the Graphics editor, and add your external connector to start building your graphics integrating the external data.  

9. In case the Data Connector requires an Outlet Authentication Key.

10. And an Oauth key, this information will be found in the documentation provided by the data provider.

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