Setting up Ticker

Use it to display a live showcase of mentions, one at a time. Use it to integrate social content on your digital properties.

Before setting up a web Ticker Widget you should:

1. Set up a Flow or a Collection.

2. Create a Web Page

3. Add the Ticker Widget to your Page Canvas. To learn how to add Elements and Widgets to your Page, click here.

Ticker Widget Properties


The Ticker can either display content from a Collection or a Flow and works differently for each one: 

With Collection:
  • First loads all the Collection.
  • It iterates over each post in the order set by the Collection.
  • When it finishes iterating, it starts the cycle again indefinitely.
  • If you change the collection completely the cycle starts again from the beginning.
With Flows:
  • It first loads the 50 newest posts from the Flow.
  • There is a maximum of 100 posts to display so viewed posts might get discarded for new ones.
  • It starts iterating over them by descending creation date.
  • If new posts arrived they are prioritized to be displayed right away.
  • If no new posts the widget will continue displaying the older posts which were not yet displayed. After that, it will begin displaying the posts which were already displayed. 
  • Can not be configured for manual cycling because the synchronization.
  • Can not either display navigation arrows nor indicator of the number of posts. 
  • Under a high-speed traffic situation, some posts might never get displayed. On the contrary, with slow traffic, a lot of posts might get repeated.


Sources: Enable the social media sources from where you want to display the content and then click on Apply.

Only posts with media: Allows you to display only the posts that contain pictures, animated GIFs, and/or videos from your timeline. Bear in mind posts with only text will not be shown.

Widget Aspect

  • Square: It has an aspect ratio of 1:1, since the height and width are the same.

  • Vertical: Are all taller than they are wide, which works better for being viewed vertically on devices.

  • Horizontal: Refers to how the widget appears based on the ratio of width (horizontal).



1. Hide author info: Author info will be hidden anyway if not available.

2. Hide avatars: Avatars will be hidden anyway if not available.

3. Navigation buttons: Allow you to manually go forward to the next post or backward to the previous one.

4. Show indicator: It will indicate in bars a number of posts your Ticker will display, as well as the position of each post.


Other properties

Links color: Pick the color which the links of a post will be displayed.

Mention background: Change the background color of the posts.

Typography: Pick the font from the list, add one from the google font catalog, or add your own custom font. For more information click here.

Automatic cycle: Useful to display the posts for a certain period.

Mute Videos: Use this toggle to control the audio of the videos.

Repeat videos: To give the loop attributes to the video.

Autoplay Audios/Videos: To give the auto-play attributes to the video.

Images panning: When an image is too large to fit within its container, images panning allows the full image to appear in the workspace by moving them vertically, or horizontally across the display area.

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