Setting up a Counter for a Page

This Widget counts and displays the number of posts collected by a Flow in real time. 

The Counter Widget belongs to the group of Stats Widgets, meaning that it counts accepted, pending, and rejected posts.

To learn how to add Elements and Widgets to your Page, click here.

Counter Properties


Pick the Flows you wish to start collecting data


(1) Count: You may display a real-time count of:

  • Total Posts: Indicates the number of times a hashtag, keyword, or social account was mentioned. This way you can show your audience the real volume of participation.

  • Unique Authors: Indicates how many people participate. This count is very useful for polls since it prevents a user from being able to participate more than once.

  • Posts per Minute: Shows the average number of times a hashtag, keyword, or social account per minute is mentioned.

(2) Sources: Enable the social media sources from where you want to display the content and then click on Apply.

(3) Time Range: You may select the exact period of time you wish to display the count:

  • Since Start of Tracking: Since the creation of the Flow

  • Sliding Window: An specific number of minutes, hours, or days

  • Exact Range: An exact period of time from one exact date and time to another one set in a specific timezone


Background Color: You can change the Background Counter color using the color picker.

Typography: Pick the font from the list, add one from the google font catalog, or add your own custom font. For more information click here.

Label Position: Choose where you would like to display the "Posts" label on the Top, Bottom, or Right of the Counter.

Alignment: You may set the counter in the center, left or right.

Count label: Change the label name. You may type in the campaign hashtag.

Source Icon: Choose whether you would like to display the source icons in white, color, or just not showing them.

Margins: Set the top and/or bottom margins.

Number's Formatting

The number's formatting depends on the language you have set for your Page. For English, the thousands separator is a comma sign (,); for Portuguese and Spanish, it is a dot (.)

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