Connecting multiple videos to a Facebook Live Mechanic

Facebook Live supports connecting multiple videos to the same Mechanic. 

This feature supports:

You can connect up to 10 videos, in addition to the main one, in different regions to ease management during live streaming.

Remember to associate with Flowics the Facebook page from where the live video will be broadcasted.

Be aware

You can only connect multiple videos provided from the same Facebook Page.

Connecting Live Videos

Click on Settings (1) and enable Connect Multiple Live Videos (2).

Set the main streaming video by clicking on Connect a Live video (1). You will see a list of your FB pages associated, choose the one from where you are streaming live (2); pick your live video (3).

Adding Extra Live Videos

(4) You can add extra live videos by clicking in Add Extra Live Videos

Once the list is displayed you can choose the videos you want to add to your Mechanic (up to 10 extra videos can be added). You will see that all videos are LIVE.

Keep in mind that, if you have activated all video signals and then click Open poll, you will not be able to remove the videos. Once the poll is open, you cannot modify the settings of the live videos.

Open Poll

By clicking on Open Poll, it will display the question in all the regions (videos) at the same time. You cannot pick which video you want to send the poll to.

By clicking on Close Poll, the poll will close for all streamings. Your audience will not be able to participate unless you reopen the poll, which will also allow them to change their votes.

Go Live / On Air 

Remember that by clicking on Go Live, you can display the Mechanic's results through your graphics system or our Graphics. 

To know how to display the results of a Facebook Live Mechanic on screen through your Graphics System, please read the Mechanics Data Source article.

For additional information, please read our Facebook Live Mechanic article.

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