Using Facebook Live Text Polls

After creating a Facebook Live Mechanic, you will be able to send Text Polls to your audience during live streaming on Facebook.

How to set up Facebook Live Text Polls

Live Interactions

If you want to run a poll with up to 20 options, for example, to choose the Man of the Match without taking an editorial decision on choosing just 4, you can create Text Polls.

(1) Create a Text Poll within a live stream by clicking on  Add... 

(2) Then, select Text Poll.

(A) Question: Sets the question. There is a max limit of 60 characters that can be added to this field.

(B) Answers: You will be able to set any answer that you consider can be matched with the audience's answers. You can set up to 20 options.

(C) Query: You can configure multiple Search Queries (the different options of the "poll") to match any given answer you receive.

In addition, you may use operators to build complex queries.

Open Poll

When a poll is open, you cannot edit or delete it.

Click on Open poll to send the Text Poll to your audience while they are watching the Live Streaming.

The users will see a Questions box, which they can reply to with any text they want.

You will be able to identify how many answers match the Messi or Griezmann queries. Users can vote unlimited times.

Go Live / On air

By clicking on Go Live you can:

  • Expose the text poll in the XML / SQL database integrated with your graphics system. 
  • Display the text poll in the Widget built into the cloud-based graphics Visualizations created with Flowics.  

New Question

After saving your question, you will be able to add a new one as you early did with the first question, by clicking on  Add...  and selecting Question. You can add up to 20 questions for each Mechanic.

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