Setting up a Facebook Reactions Count

Collect reactions from a particular Facebook post, including Facebook Live videos. This feature allows you to:

  • Create polls or other participation Mechanics.
  • Encourage your audience to express preference by using Reactions.
  • Be easily integrated on a live broadcast (traditional TV or Facebook Live).

To be able to use this Facebook Reactions Count filter, you must have at least one Facebook account connected to collect posts/reactions from a post. Please go to Social Accounts to connect it.

Filter configuration

For Facebook Reactions, you can decide to count only one specific Reaction (such as Like) or the total count of Reactions.

Be aware

You need to add a Flow for each reaction you want to track. Each entered URL consumes 1 social item of the total assigned.

  • Within your Flow, go to Filters and click on +Add

  • Look for Facebook Page Posts Stream in the list of available Filters. Add it to your Flow by clicking on +Add

Add posts to your filter

(1) Add the posts which reactions you want to track

  • Select an account

  • Select some Facebook posts

(2) Pick the reaction you want to collect. You can also choose to collect the total number of reactions to a post.

  • Available reactions:
    • Like
    • Love
    • Haha
    • Wow
    • Sad
    • Angry
    • Total (Use this option to collect the sum of all of the reactions to a post). 

How to display Reactions

The Facebook Reactions Count Filter is supported by the following Widgets:

  • Ranking
  • Flock to Unlock
  • Versus
  • Counter

Make sure the source Facebook Reactions Count is enabled when you assign a Flow with this filter to the Widgets currently supporting it.

For Broadcast integrations, the supported Data Sources are:

Reactions emojis

Here you can download the assets with animated and still emojis for each reaction:

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