Sampling on Twitter Filters

Sampling is useful for:

  1. Reduce the number of collected Tweets for saving your quota.
  2. Manage a big-volume queries easier.

This feature is supported for all Twitter filters. Enabling the sampling option in these filters will work as the following:

  • When the Flow is started, the filter opens a connection for collecting all Tweets and stats.
  • The random sampling applies reducing the whole possible number of Tweets to the % specified.
  • The configured search query is applied to that random sample.

Setting up the Sampling option

1. Enable the Sampling option from the filter configuration.

2. Set the percentage. If you set the percentage at 20%, for example, the Flow will randomly collect 20 Tweets of each 100.


When a Flow has been reset, the sampling percentage remains at the value you set.

If you do not see the sampling feature added to your Twitter filters, please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.

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