Working with Data Connectors: Twitter Trending Topics

This Data Connector is included by default in the Graphics license. DO NOT requires payment of an additional fee. 

You can use Data Connectors to integrate data from different sources. In this article, we are covering how to use it to Integrate Trending Topics from Twitter into your Graphics.

1. Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First you need to add an External Connector to your tree (1) and click on Connect from the Inspector's External Connector panel (2)

From the External Source panel, select the option: Twitter Trending Topics.


Then you need to select the location you want to show trends from, that can be a city, a country or global trends.

  • If you want to display global Trending Topics, you can search for 'Worldwide'.
  • Countries will appear with its name repeated, like:¬†United States, United States.

2- Creating the Graphics

Once you have selected the Dataset you can create the tree structure & set the elements style from the inspector, which could look like this:

As you can see, the elements bound to the dataset are the following:

  • External Connector "TW Trending Topics" connected to the Twitter Trending Topics Dataset.
  • Topics List:
    • A Dynamic Content List connected to the Trends array.
    • Paginated to show 10 items.
  • Trend: A text building block connected to Topic Name (name) from Topics list.
  • Count: A text building block connected to Topic Count from Topics list. Keep in mind this information is not always available from the Twitter API.

Synchronizing and Changing the Location:

From the External Connector settings, you can synchronize and change the location anytime:

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