Integrating Flowics with Vizrt and Avid iNews

The integration that Vizrt makes with Inews is carried out through the Viz Gateway (MOS) which allows Viz Trio to monitor Rundowns from any NRCS (Newsroom Computer System) that supports the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol.

NRCS that support the MOS protocol can deliver the Rundown to the Viz Trio through the Viz Gateway and the Viz Content Pilot database. 

This integration is done so that from Inews the editor can select the graphics he wants to add to the note without leaving the application. Once the Rundown is ready, the Viz Trio or Pilot will get the information on the studio to be able to run the corresponding graphics. 

This integration is transparent for Flowics since the graphics that are created in Vizrt using the connection with the Middleware take the data that is already hosted on a local disk and read all the information through its DataPool plugins. 

These graphics are stored in Vizrt's Viz Graphic Hub (Graphics DB) and can be registered to be available in the NRCS and that the editor can add them through Inews, since they behave like any other graphic hosted in the Graphic hub. Therefore, Vizrt's integration with Inews is not affected in any way if the media is being consumed through Flowics Middleware.

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