Setting up a Facebook Live Mechanic

This Mechanic allows you to send interactive Polls to your audience during live streamings on Facebook.

You must have associated the Facebook page where the post was published and do not forget to Enable video polls permissions to be able to connect the live video to your mechanic. Learn how to associate your Facebook page here‍.

The results are collected by Flowics in real-time and makes them available for its integration into a:

To learn how to create Mechanics, click here.

1. Setting up your Facebook Live Mechanic

Take into account the maximum number of answers a mechanic supports are:

  • Poll, Scoring, Votes, and Story: Up to 20 
  • Facebook Live: Up to 4

(1) Give a name to your Facebook Live Mechanic. It is a good practice to name your mechanic so that you and your teammates can identify it for later use or reviewing metrics.

(2) Add a live interaction:

(3) Enable Show Broadcast settings so you can add an image that you can use for integrations through your graphics insertion system or our cloud-based graphics.

(4) Connect Multiple Live videos to a Facebook Live Mechanic.

(5) By clicking on "Connect a Live Video", you will see listed all Facebook pages associated with your team. Select the page => Accept and then select the Live post video from the list. The listed videos can be only live:

2. Integration

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