Using Facebook Live Polls

After creating a Facebook Live Mechanic, you will be able to send polls to your audience during live streamings on Facebook.

A. Setting up a Facebook Live Poll

(1) Set the question. There is a max limit of 60 characters that can be added to this field.

(2) Add Answers

  • The minimum amount of answers you can set are 2 options. 
  • The max number of options you can add is 4 per question. 

(3) If you have enabled Show Broadcast settings, add an image in order to use for integrations through your graphics insertion system or cloud-based graphics using Flowics.

(4) Use the "hamburger" button to toggle your poll options and sort them as you need. You just need to select and drag it.

B. Edit your Poll

(1) Edit your Poll.

(2) Connect flows to collect votes coming from social content.

(3) Edit Producer votes where you can inject votes to your options.

C. Poll status

(1) When opening your poll you will be able to send the live interaction to your audience on Facebook.  

(2) After closing the poll, your audience will not be able to participate unless you reopen it. You can reopen your poll as many times as you need.

D. Broadcast integration

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