Exporting Flow's content to a CSV from Analyze Content

You can export all the content collected by your Flows to a CSV File. 

This report is coming as a compressed file (.gz format) that you need to decompress and then import to an Excel sheet, Google Spreadsheet, or Numbers (mac) among others.

Bear in mind

The Facebook Reactions Count filter does not collect content. This filter only collects statistics data, so if your Flows contain this filter type the CSV will be empty. 

Export CSV from Analyze Content

  • Go to ANALYZE >> Content
  • Click on Export Flow to CSV

  • Choose between the following two export types: 
    • All Post Content (Including the text posts. Imported archives do not include media content)
    • Only Authors (You will get unique users and not repeated users)

  • Select the content status to export only the content that is:
    • Pending
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
    • All of them or any combination

  • Finally, click on Export.

Decompressing a CSV file

  • To decompress a CSV file, you can use 7-Zip (for Windows). Download it here.  
  • After downloading and decompressing the CSV, check out the How to open a CSV file into an Excel sheet article to avoid having weird characters on your Excel worksheet.


What kind of content will I get?

If you choose to export All Post Content, you will get the following:

Id Post Id
Publisher Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / WhatsApp
Date Date and time the post was made
Text Post text
Device Web / iOS / Android
Is Retweet True / False
Retweeted Count Number of times the post was rt-ed
Time Zone Is the browser's day
Location Post's latitude and longitude if it comes geolocalized
Author Name Author's full name
Account @handle
Reference Post URL
Action Post Status:  Accept / Pending / Reject

If you choose to export Only Authors, then you will get the following:

Publisher Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / WhatsApp
Id User Id
Screen Name @handle
User Name Author's full username
Description Text from the user's bio
Gender Male / Female
Language Text language
Location Show the location set in the user's bio
Followers Number of followers
Friend Number of people following the account
Age Range Age range
Account Age User age
Verified Shows True / False if the account is verified or not
Avatar's URL

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