Middleware Overview

Flowics Middleware allows you to integrate data from Flowics Middleware Sources into an On-Air graphics insertion system. Check out our supported graphics system here.

This is how it works after installation: 

Flowics collects and curates data from social networks. The Middleware copies the data on an XML file or SQL database to make it available for display through your graphics system.

Advantages of using our Middleware

  • It downloads the post media (images and videos) so that they can be used if you have scenes created with your graphics system.

  • If you use the Social Poll, e.g., for a voting campaign, you can assign images to each Flow, and the Middleware downloads them so they can be taken by the graphics system. By doing this, you can set up voting scenes where the names and images of the candidates can be controlled from Flowics without having to regenerate the graph.

  • The data can be downloaded in XML format on a local or network-shared file system. XML is simpler to set up, as it is written straight on your disk drive.

  • It supports saving the data in a database (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server). SQL: for better performance and to handle a high number of Flows, an SQL RDBMS is recommended.

  • Version 4.0 of the Collection Middleware Source supports integrating Posts with a video.

If you wish to download the Flowics Middleware app and its installation guide, please click here to see where to find them. 

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