Middleware Token and Configs

When installing the Middleware, you will be asked for a token. You can find this token by going to the   Middlewares menu from the top bar under SETTINGS

Now you will see the General settings, including the Token with which to configure the Middleware:

  • Shared Folder Base Path: Where the downloaded data will be stored.
  • Media Folder Alias: An optional alias that is useful when the graphics system and the Middleware access shared folder are using different paths.  
  • Integration Mode: You can choose to store and sync the data gathered by the Middleware between File (XML, JSON) and/or SQL Database. Keep in mind the JSON File format, works only since version 4.1.0.
  • Companies Subfolders:  Defines for each Company the base sub-folder where each file of that Company is going to be synced.
  • Database Configuration: Please refer to the Middleware manual for instructions on configuring Database access.
  • Token: Copy and paste it into conf/middleware.properties.


Note: Make sure to follow the Middleware installation guide for a successful configuration! Check out here how to download the Middleware app and installation guide. 


In the Monitoring tab, you will find the status of the Middleware, Project, and Widget.

If the status of the widget is Offline after the installation, make sure that:

  • The Project where the Widget is located is running. 
  • The Widget is connected to the Middleware. To check this, click on the Widget name and then click on the Integration tab:


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