Upgrading the Middleware version


  • Having installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 17
  • Make sure the Java binaries are present in the Path variable (Environment Variables). 

If you are upgrading from a 5.x version to a 6.x or higher version, take into account that the token format has changed (it cannot be copied and pasted).

The media storage has changed its layout: now the http and https folders are prefixed with a version directory (v1). After you run and the Middleware completes a full cycle, you may remove the old http and https folders.


To upgrade the Middleware to its latest version follow the steps below:

A. Download the new version

  • From the top bar menu, go to SETTINGS >> Broadcast Tools
  • Click on Middleware App (from here you will always get the latest version). 
  • Or Download it here.

B. Stop the old Middleware

  • If you are running the old Middleware as a standalone, press CTRL+C to stop it and then close the command line window.
  • If you are running the old Middleware as a service, stop the service. Then uninstall the service running bin/flowics-middleware-uninstall-service.bat on the old Middleware folder.

C. Run the new Middleware

 As a standalone run bin/flowics-middleware.bat on the new Middleware folder.

 As a service:

  • Install the service running bin/flowics-middleware-install-service.bat on the new Middleware folder.
  • Start the service

To better understand, please read our Middleware installation guide at point 4.1 which describes how to upgrade the middleware from a previous version.

D. Check if the new Middleware is online

Go to SETTINGS >> Middlewares >> Monitoring to check that the Middleware is online, and that the version you just installed is being reported on the right.


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