Upgrading the Middleware version

To upgrade the Middleware to its latest version follow the steps below:

A. Download the new version

(1) Go to SETTINGS >> Broadcast Tools

(2) Click on Middleware App (from here you will always get the latest version). 

B. Copy configuration files

From the old Middleware, copy the following files below and paste them into the new Middleware:

  • conf/middleware.properties

  • webapp/WEB-INF/env.xml 

C. Stop the old Middleware

  • If you are running the old Middleware as standalone, press CTRL+C to stop it and then close the command line window.
  • If you are running the old Middleware as a service, stop the service. Then uninstall the service running bin/flowics-middleware-uninstall-service.bat on the old Middleware folder.

D. Run the new Middleware

4.1. As standalone run bin/flowics-middleware.bat on the new Middleware folder.

4.2. As a service:

  • Install the service running bin/flowics-middleware-install-service.bat on the new Middleware folder.
  • Start the service

E. Check if the new Middleware is online

Go to SETTINGS >> Middlewares >> Monitoring to check that the Middleware is online, and the version you just installed is being reported on the right.

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