Integrating Viz Flowics with Caspar CG through SDI

Once you have created your Flowics Graphics Package, you will be able to integrate it as a new Source on CasparCG.

Before you can output your graphics with CasparCG, you have to create them. Learn how to create graphics within our Graphics Editor here.

Integrating with CasparCG

CasparCG is free and open source software which requires two instances; the client and server to work build and process the graphics.

For this configuration you will also need a Blackmagic SDI card that is correctly configured, you can visit our article to learn more about it here.

The version we recommend to install is 2.3.0 for the Server and 2.2.0 for the Client, to download the software you can go here.



Once you have downloaded the software you will have to edit the configuration so that it recognizes the SDI card.

Go to the folder where you have extracted the files.

Find the CasparCG Config file in the Server folder and right click to edit it.

To enable the Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2 card, you will need to add this line into the config. Note that this is only for one video output with Fill and Key.






<key-device>device + 1</key-device>










In this same file you can also configure the output resolution you need, in the following table you can see the resolutions supported by CasparCG. 




In this example we are going to configure it for 1080i 59.94, so in this case after editing the file it should look like this:


After you are done editing the configuration file save your changes. 

For all external data to work properly such as Polls, Google Sheet connectors and External Connectors in CasparCG, it is necessary to disable the Web Security of the Chrome Embedded Framework that is within the App.

For that we will have to create a shortcut to run the server.

Once the shortcut is created, right-click on the icon and select Properties, in the text box where it says Destination, you will see the following text:

"C: \ Users \ argoz \ Desktop \ FLOWICS \ SDI \ CASPAR \ Software Caspar \ CasparCG Server 2.3.0 \ casparcg.exe"

Add the following at the end of the line:

casparcg.config --args --disable-web-security

You can now launch the CasparCG Server application by right clicking on the shortcut and select “Run as Administrator”



If you are on Windows 10, you might see this screen. Just select More Info and then Run anyway:




When the app starts, it will initialize all the proper settings and check if the Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2 settings we have added loaded correctly. If you see this screen then you did.





Now we have to run the client, we go to the folder where we have unzipped it and we run the executable as administrator.


Once the client is open it will look like this:


To check that the CasparCG client is connected to our server, we have to go to Edit:Settings and check that in the Servers tab we can see our server. If we have the Server and the client running on the same computer then it should appear in the list, as can be seen in the following graphic:


If the client and the server are on different computers, it is important to take into account that they must be on the same network and then you must add the server by clicking the + button in the lower left and entering the server data once the window appears.





Now, to add the Web Source that shows us the Flowics output we must do the following:


1. Select HTML Page and drag it into the Rundown Area.


2. Select the server through which your graphics will run.


3. Enter the URL of the Flowics Output.


4. Finally press “F2” to play the graph and get the output on the Server and on the Decklink card.


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