Working with Data Connectors: Stats Perform SDAPI Soccer

This Data Connector is not included in the Graphics license and requires payment of an additional licensing fee. If you need access please contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

With Stats Perform's SDAPI Soccer connector you can receive information about Soccer squads, competitions, scheduling information from tournament calendars, and individual fixtures.


This data connector requires an API key. if you do not have one available, request it to your Customer Success Manager designated at Stats Perform.

Setting up Data Connectors

Before working with Data Connectors in Graphics you must set it up. Learn how to set up your Data Connector by clicking here.

Adding the Data Connector to the Graphics Editor

First, you need to add a Data Connector to your tree (1) and then click on Connect (2).

Datasets / Tables

This Data connector contains very detailed information about soccer, its applications can retrieve sports data about soccer teams, competitions, tournament schedule information and individual matches.

MA0 - Tournament Schedule

With this data set you must select the Level of coverage and thus obtain only the requested matches. After selecting the tournament, this data set shows us the date and time as well as the number of games.

MA1 - Fixtures and Results

With this data set you can access to detailed information on the results of the tournament matches that you have selected, the information you can get from this data set is the team logo, name, scoreboard, stadium, date of the event, colors of teams as well as winner in other data.



Elements Tree

Number Element Connected to
1 Logo
2 Premier League
3 Date Date from Match
4 Stadium ShortName from Match Venue
5 Home ShorthName from Contestant
6 Shield LogoURL From Home Contestant
7 Away ShorthName from Away Contestant
8 Shield LogoURL from Away Contestant

MA2 - Match Stats

With the MA2 data set you can access game statistics such as fouls, ball possession, cards, substitutions, score, venue, lineup, players, total passes, referees, quantify incidents and total delivery. It is used to make a comparison of teams and players, individual performance plates or match summary and much more statistical data.

Match Stats


Elements Tree

Number Element Connected to
1 Away Shortname from Contestants
2 Home Shortname from Contestants
3 Home Score Home from MA2
4 Away Score Away from MA2
5 Team LogoURL from logos
6 Team LogoURL from logos
7 Value Value from Stats
8 Value % Value from Stats
9 Value Value from Stats
10 Value % Value from Stats
11 Name Name from Stats

MA3 - Match Event

With this data set you have information about the match event such as the name of the teams, the country of the event, the position of each team, that is, if it is home or away, as well as a 3-letter code used by the contenders.

MA4 - Pass Matrix and Average Formation

This data set contains information such as the date of the event, stadium, contestant, week, season, winner, scores, line up and a small statistics of the players that contains name, last name, pass success, pass lost, position, and shirt number.  It allows to build networks of passes and show location in territory.

MA5 - Possession

This data set offers the detail of the possession of the ball by team, at a general level as well as at a territorial level separated by time intervals and game period. It allows to show advances or changes of possession according to the game as well as to mark dispute trends of the match.

MA8 - Match Preview

This data set offers previous information about the game. Provides details of the last matches between both teams as well as the details of the last 5 matches of each team in the league.

OT2 - Tournament Calendars

Selecting this data set provides basic information about the tournament calendars - the individual seasons/editions of a competition.

PE3 - Referees

With this data set you can get information about all referees for a season (tournament calendar) or a stage, or details about a single referee.

PE4 - Rankings

The PE4 provides data which ranks all matches, teams and players in a range of statistical categories within a season of a competition (tournament calendar). You can see complete lists of match stats, team stats and player stats in the guide.

PE6 - Top Performers

If you select the data set PE6 you have information such as goals scored by team, ranking by division, goals per player.

Top Scorer


Elements Tree

Number Element  Connected to
1 Logo Competition.logoURL from PE6
2 Player from PE6
3 Team Contestant.logoURL from Logo Top Score
4 Name from Player
5 Team from Player
6 Value Value from Player

TM1 - Teams

With this data set you can get team details like ID, name, shortname, official name, of all contestants within a specified tournament calendar or details for a single contestant.

TM2 - Teams Standings

With the TM2 data set you can access information such as team points, division rankings, goal difference, goals against, games won, lost, tied, among others.



Elements Tree

Number Element Connected to
1 Position Rank from Ranking
2 Team Logo Contestant.LogoURL from Ranking
3 Team Contestant.Shortname from Ranking
4 Played Matches played from Ranking
5 Won Matches won from Ranking
6 Drawn Matches drawn from Ranking
7 Lost Matches lost from Ranking
8 Pts Points from ranking
9 UCL Rank status from Ranking

TM3 - Squads

This data set provides squad details (personal information like name, nationality, date of birth, status, position, country of birth, among others) of teams, current squad of a specified team, squads of teams playing in a specified tournament calendar.

TM4 - Seasonal Stats

With the TM4 data set you have access to information such as goals from outside box, shots on conceded inside box, successes launches, duels, offsides, total fouls won, duels won, goal assists, total red cards, home goal, goals conceded, penalties and much more.

Seasonal Stats


Elements Tree

Number Element Connected to
1 Logo Competition.LogoURL from TM4 Team 1
2 Premier League from TM4 Team 1
3 Team from TM4 Team1
4 Team Contestant.logoURL from TM4 Team 1
5 Value  Value from Stats
6 Value % Value from Stats
7 Name Name from Stats

TM8 - Trophies

This data set contains trophy information like tournament calendar start date, end date, winner contestant, winner contestant country and more, for each team and can be queried on a team, season or competition basis.

Acquisition Style

The following table lists the acquisition style of each of the datasets available in this connector.

If style is Unattended. it means that the connector will automatically refresh the data every certain period of time specified by the user (by default it's 300 seconds). 

If style is attended, then the graphics operator needs to manually refresh the data to get the latest version of the stats. 

Datasets / Tables
MA0 - Tournament Schedule
MA1 - Fixture and Results
MA2 - Match Stats (Dynamic)
Count the state of the match and if it is t - 8, t + 8 to adjust the acquisition step (all according to the Stats doc).
MA3 - Match Events
MA4 - Pass Matrix and Average Formation
MA5 - Possession
MA8 - Match Preview 
PE3 - Referees
PE4 - Rankings
PE6 - Top Performers
TM1 Teams
TM2 - Team Standings
TM3 - Squads
TM4 Seasonal Stats
TM8 - Trophies

*MA2 - Match Stats (Dynamic)

Is a dynamic strategy that takes into account the state of the match from time to time

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