How to create a comments full screen using Vizrt Data Reader + Flowics Middleware

If you are using Vizrt as your Graphics system but you do not have a Viz Social Module (Feed Streamer) you can integrate Flowics using the Vizrt Data Reader plugin.


  • A DataPool configuration file (.dp)
    Note: This .dp file defines the structure of the XML using a Ticker or Feed Data Source in Flowics.

  • Flowics sample scene of a Comments Full Screen and customize it with your own look and feel.

Please request the .dp file and .via to your designated Customer Success Manager.
Once you have the .dp save it in  C:\Program Files\Vizrt\Viz3.

  • Make sure you have selected "Others" as integration type in the Data Source Integration settings in order to connect the Middleware.

How to integrate Flowics with Viz Artist

  • Import the Flowics_comments_fullscreen scene into the Viz Artist.

  • Go to Control >> Control Objects
    Use the feedUrl field to configure the XML path that will be read by the DataReader plugin.

  • Understanding the scene tree:

1 Master

is the "father" of the scene.



Contains a DataText plugin named POST_READER_CONSOLE. It is a variable in the DataPool from which the DataReader will read the data.

The DataText plugin allows visualization of the XML's data.



Reads the number of posts to display on your scene. Regarding the posts number in the XML, this field will be set automatically.



Contains the Script plugin that defines how incoming data is interpreted.



DataReader Plugin

Having set the XML path in the feedUrl fields within the Object Control, there is no need to type the path in the data reader plugin.

Leave the other fields in the DataReader as they are.

DataArray Plugin

  • Type => .dp file. The list of types is created from the types defined in the configuration files (.dp files).

DataParameter Plugin

Controls other plugins' (geometry or function plugins) parameter values such as:

  • Parameter Name: Defines the parameter that is controlled. (E.g. num_posts)
  • Parameter Type: Defines the controlled plugin type. (E.g. Script)

ControlParameter Plugin

It can be used to control properties that are not exposed in a specific plugin and requires some knowledge in the Viz Artist command language.



Keep in mind the Social TV plugin TextHighlight is required to support emojis. For more information, contact the Vizrt support team.

  • It contains the data available to display 3 types of posts:
    • Without image
    • With image
    • With video
  • Each type of post contains the Stage Area that shows a representation of all animated elements in the scene.
  • To change the size of the time range, place the mouse pointer over the bottom edges of the stage. The mouse pointer becomes a two-sided arrow. Drag to resize.

By unfolding the POST in the tree, you will find additional plugins that will allow you to apply your own look and feel, as follows:

  • Post without image

  • Post with image

  • Post with video

Watch the video below to take a look at the scene:

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