How to create social polls using Vizrt Data Reader + Flowics Middleware

Integrating Flowics with Vizrt without having the Viz Social module (Feed streamer) is possible through the Flowics Middleware and certain Vizrt plugins. 


  • Having the Flowics Middleware installed and connected to a Social Poll Data Source configured in Flowics.
Make sure you have selected "Others" as integration type in the Data Source Integration settings in order to connect the Middleware.

  • Having the Vizrt DataPool plugin set installed.

The following are REQUIEREMENTS for integration through XML as the Input type: 

  • A DataPool configuration file (.dp)
    Note: This .dp file defines the structure for a Poll connected to a Social Poll Data Source.

  • Flowics sample scene of a social poll to customize it with your own look and feel. 

Please request the .dp file and .via to your designated Customer Success Manager.
Once you have the .dp save it in  C:\Program Files\Vizrt\Viz3.

How to integrate Flowics with VizArtist

  • Download and import the Flowics_socialpoll scene into the Viz Artist.

  • Control >> Control Objects
    Use the FeedPath fields to configure the XML path that will be read by the DataReader plugin.

  • Understanding the scene tree.

1 Master

The "father" of the scene; it has no plugins.



READER_CONSOLE is a variable in the DataPool from which the DataReader will read the data.

The text allows the visualization of the data of the XML.


3 Outerlayers

DataObject Plugin 

This plugin allows you to create a new type object and link it to a Viz hierarchy. When a DataObject plugin is attached to a container and a field name and object type are specified, the DataObject plugin searches the Viz hierarchy to look for a parent for the object and children underneath. Every Data plugin found under the container where the DataObject is found is tested to see whether it is a field of the object. If it is, it is attached as a child of the object.

DataReader Plugin

Having set the XML path in the FeedPath fields within the Object Control, there is no need to type the path in the data reader plugin. 

Leave the other fields in the data reader as they are:

  • XPath is //poll
  • DP Field Name is poll
  • Return Variables Prefix is MEC_


4 Itemscontroller

DataReader Plugin

Reads the options data in the XML that will be display in the scene. 

Leave the other fields in the data reader as they are:

  • XPath is //flow
  • DP Field Name is data
  • Return Variables Prefix is OPT_

DataArray Plugin

  • Type => .dp file. The list of types is created from the types defined in the configuration files (.dp files).

DataSelector Plugin

Receives a number of a child container as data. The plugin toggles visibility for all the child containers of the controlled container and activates only the n-th child container, as received in the data. 

Justifier Plugin

Enables you to animate the justification of an object using the object’s height, width or depth as its coordinates system. In this case, the plugin acts on the local space of the container justifying the poll options.


5 Item

Shows the poll options you have configured. By unfolding each item, you will find additional plugins that will allow you to apply your own look and feel, as follows:

The scene automatically adjust the items within the poll. This is thanks to the Justifier plugin. In this example, the scene supports up to four options. For more options, you need to add more items.

Item Elements

With these configurations, you will be able to integrate data provided by Flowics to your graphic scene on Vizrt.

Finally, the scene looks like this:

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