Setting up a Poll Widget for Graphics

This Widget is used to build customize graphics for displaying on-air the results of your Poll Mechanic‍ during a live streaming or TV broadcast with your own look and feel.

If you are interested in building your graphics from scratch with your own layout, then we recommend using the Story Data Provider.

Before setting up a Poll Widget for Graphics you should:

1. Create‍ a Poll Mechanic‍. 

2. Set up your Poll Mechanic‍.

To learn how to add Elements to your Visualization, click here‍.


Poll Lower Third

Poll Full Screen

Poll Card

Elements Tree

Name Element Type Connected to
Story Provider Story Provider Poll Mechanic
Title Text Question
Options List Dynamic Content List Options
Options List -
Image Container Container -
Image Image Image
Poll Value Text Percentage/Count
Poll Bar Progress Bar Percentage/Count
Poll Bar Correct Answer Progress Bar Percentage/Count
Label Text Name
Footer Text -
Header Background Rectangle -
Gradient Background Rectangle -


This Widget has the following related elements:

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