Setting up a Comments Widget for Graphics

 Use this Widget to quickly build Lower 3rds, full-screen, or card layouts to display social content on-air.

This social content could be:

  • Posts collected on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 
  • Comments or replies collected on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitch. 

If you are interested in building your graphics from scratch with your own layout, then we recommend using the Collection Data Provider.

Before using a Comments Widget you should have created a Collection.

To learn how to add Elements to your Graphics, click here‍.


Comments Lower Third

Comments Full screen

Comments Card

Elements Tree

Name Element Type Connected to
Collection Provider Collection Provider Collection
Posts List Dynamic Content List Posts
Posts List -
User Avatar Image Avatar
Username Text Username
User @handle Text Handle
Social Media Icon Social Media Icon Source
Post Date Text Creation date
Only Text Container -
Post Content Post Content Post
Only Media Post Media Post
Post Media Post Media Post
Text and Media Container -
Post Content Post Content Post
Post Media Post Media Post
Header Background Rectangle -
Gradient Background Rectangle -


This Widget has the following related elements:

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