Integrating Flowics with wTVision

Flowics data can be integrated with wTVision through Studio CG.

NO Middleware installation is needed for this integration.

You just need to provide to your Point of Contact (POC) in wTVision an endpoint with the corresponding api_token. 

To do so, go inside the Configurations of your Broadcast Data Source in Flowics:

(1) Go to the Integration Tab

(2) Click on Integration Steps

(3) Get the endpoint. You can copy either the XML or JSON
      Notice that at the end of the endpoint is included the api_token. 

Then provide the endpoint to your POC in wTVision so they can connect the Flowics data in Studio CG and then build the graphics.


Once you have the api_token then you can proceed to share the following information with your POC in wTvision in case they requested it. 

Get Active Experiences

What you are going to obtain with this method is a list of the active experiences within your company. If the experiences are not active then the list will return empty.

Endpoint URL

Example response

"name": "Integration Test",  // Experience Name
"id": 9838    // Experience ID

Getting an Active Broadcast Data Sources

Returns a list of active Broadcast Data Sources from a specific type from a given experience. If there aren't any, an empty list is returned. 

A Broadcast Data Source is said to be active if the experience it belongs to is also active.

Endpoint URL



Allowed values

  • counter: Counter Data Source
  • poll: Poll Data Source
  • flock: Flock To Unlock Data Source
  • mechanics: Mechanics Data Source
  • feed: Feed Data Source
  • ticker: Ticker Data Source
  • viz: Specifies the experience ID

Example response

"uniqueId": "28924",     // Broadcast Data Source ID
"name": "Posts Counter"  // Broadcast Data Source Name

Getting Broadcast Data Source Data

Returns the data from a broadcast data source. This data is what’s typically integrated for display in CGs.  In case the data source doesn't exist or its belonging experience is inactive it returns a 404 HTTP Status Code.

The type of response will depend on the combination of the Data Source, version, and integration type.

The version and type of integration can be configured in the Integration tab of the Broadcast Data Source configuration.

For more information about Broadcast Data Sources visit this section.

Endpoint URL




  • Format: Representation format. Possible values: XML or JSON


  • Representation version. If unspecified, the version configured in the data source instance is used.

Example response for a Counter


<widgetTitle>Some Counter</widgetTitle>
<name>Some Flow</name>


  "widgetId": 34531,
  "title": "Some Counter",
  "updatedAt": "2020-12-22T15:57:37Z",
  "flowId": "57c8143468de831477297aba0b69fa80",
  "name": "Some Flow",
  "integrationId": "",
  "count": 5456,
  "formattedCount": "5,456"

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