Managing Teams

Flowics provides a way to organize users within your company. Creating a team allows you to organize users into groups with different roles and specific visibilities on certain Experiences. For example, if you are a TV Channel with multiple programs, you could create a team for each of these groups or programs, assign a manager for each of these teams and let them manage the rest of the users in the team creating and working with their own Experiences within your company.

If you are a company sdministrator or a team manager, you should see the Teams section in the top bar under SETTINGS.

You can also access the teams section by clicking on Manage Team inside each Experience:

Once in the Teams section, click on +Add Team to create a new Team.

Finish the process by giving a name to your new Team.

Now that your team was successfully created, check out this article‍ to learn how to add members to your new Team. Take into account, your new Team will be available for assignation to new Experiences created.

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