Using the Social Media Icon Building Block

Use this building block to display the social media icon. You can select between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, or Twitch.

When you connect a social post, the social icon comes automatically from the source connected to the Dynamic Content List.

Remember, an Overlay will be created automatically if you didn't add it to Tree after adding an element.

To learn how to add elements to the Tree, click here‍.


Use the Inspector‍, right-sidebar, to customize the Social Media Icon element:


Social Network: Connect It to the Dynamic Content List. 

Icon color: Select a color to customize the icon and do it matching with the layout of your graphics.

Position and Size

Position: Change the Social Media Icon position inside the Canvas according to the X and Y axis (in percentage relative to the configured screen resolution). 

Size: Change the Social Media Icon size inside the Canvas according to its width and height (in percentage relative to the configured screen resolution). 


Opacity: Set the transparency percentage of the Social Media Icon element. 

Remote Control

As this element is meant to be used with social content, with the Remote Control, you can manage and decide when to trigger the overlay that contains social content On-air using the IN  and  OUT  button.   

During live operation, use the gearwheel icon to 

  • Assign or change a Collection clicking on the Pick a Collection button to feed with social content your graphics. 
  • Change the cycling mode using the Cycle button.
  • Move forward and backward between posts if you have selected the manual cycling mode or semiautomatic. 

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