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Using the Container Building Block
Using the Container Building Block
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The Container element allows you to group or "contain" one or more Building Blocks (including other Containers) that will help you organize all the elements in the Tree‍ while building your Graphics.

If you use Containers to group other elements, some of its properties will affect its child elements: Position & size, Opacity & Conditional Visibility.

The Container is very useful while moving or changing sizes of group objects and it is used for creating headers, titles, or highlight the correct answer while working with Trivias‍.

To learn how to add elements to the Tree, click here‍.


Use the Inspector‍, right-sidebar, to customize the Container:

Position and Size

Position: Change the Container position inside the Canvas according to the X and Y axis (in percentage relative to the configured screen resolution).

Size: Change the Container size inside the Canvas according to its width and height (in percentage relative to the configured screen resolution).


Opacity: Set the transparency percentage of the Container

Mask: You may add a mask to your container. For more information about Masking, click here‍.

Background Style

Within the Inspector, you can modify the element backgrounds look and feel. It can be a solid color, a gradient, or an image.

Learn how to implement these properties specific to backgrounds by clicking here.


Style: Defines the sides and style of the border.

Width: Defines how wide the border will be.

Color: Choose a color for the border.

Radius: Increasing this number will round the corners of the rectangle.

Learn how to change these properties specific to borders by clicking here‍ .

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