Assets Library

The Assets Library is a repository where you can keep all the assets that your team needs to use across your Graphics Packages. 

Assets uploaded to the Library are stored, shared, and managed by Team, and owned by the Company (not individual users), just like Experiences and Graphics Packages. This means that even if team members leave, the assets will remain there so you can keep working with them.

Supported file formats and size


  • .JPG; .PNG; .SVG or .GIF
  • Size up to 5 MB.


  • MP4; WebM
  • Size up to 50 MB

Image sequences

  • .ZIP files up to 5 MB, containing the individual images.
  • The compressed file will be processed and stored as a single sprite sheet file.

Accessing the Assets Library

You can access the Assets Library from the top menu on Flowics.

(1) Go to the top menu, click on Settings

(2) Click on Assets Library.

Uploading media files

You will be able to upload images, videos, and image sequences.

(1) Click on the "Upload..." button

(2) Use the “Asset” option if you need to upload images or videos, or the “Image Sequence” if you need to upload a .zip file containing your images for processing. Learn more about Image Sequences in this article.

Managing assets

Organize your files by creating folders and sub-folders, using the "New folder" button. 

Open folders by double-clicking them in the list, and navigate back to the previous level using the breadcrumb control above the list. 

Assets uploaded using the "New folder" button will be stored in the current folder.

You can also rename, move, copy, download, and delete files. With a file selected, click the […] menu to see the available actions. These actions may vary depending on the selected file type.

Using media files in your graphics packages

Assets Library can be triggered from within the Graphics Editor, using the source picker control on any Image, Image Sequence, or Video element.

This will display the Library interface, where you can manage files, and also select the one you need to use on the current Element.

Bear in mind when in the Graphics editor, you will not be able to change the team in the Assets Library.

(1) Select a Video, Image, or Image Sequence building block.

(2) Click on the element source control to display the library.

(3) Select the uploaded file from the list. According to the selected building block, the type of file that you can use must be of the same type. E.g. If you select an image element, you will only be able to select images in the library, other types of files will appear as grayed out and will not be selectable.

(4) Click on "Select" to use it on the building block. 

Enabling Assets Library for Pages

The Assets Library support needs to be enabled on each page where you want to use it.

(1) Enable the Assets Library support.

Enabling Assets Library for Mechanics

The Assets Library is available for Mechanics:

(1) Go to the Mechanic's settings.

(2) Enable the toggle.

Bear in mind that if you are editing an interaction inside a Mechanic, you have to save it or cancel it before enabling the Assets Library.

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