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Installing the Viz Flowics Middleware
Installing the Viz Flowics Middleware
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Here, you will find a comprehensive guide on how to install the Viz Flowics Middleware. Before proceeding with the steps ensure your PC meets the system requirements by clicking here.

Download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 21

Java 21 is available for download here.

The software has been tested with Adoptium Eclipse Temurin, but you can opt for another implementation that aligns with your environment and licensing preferences. For assistance in choosing the right Java implementation, visit

Verify Java Binaries

Ensure that the Java binaries are present in the PATH variable:
For Windows: Navigate to Control Panel > System & Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables

Edit the "Path" variable under the System Variables. Ensure the folder containing Java’s binaries is included in the list (typically C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jre21\bin). If not add it to the top.

Create an Installation folder

Choose a directory where the Middleware will be installed (e.g., C:\Flowics).

Download and Decompress Flowics Middleware

To download the Middleware in Viz Flowics, navigate to the Settings in the top menu and select Broadcast Tools. From there, you can download the middleware app. Then, decompress it into the folder you had previously created.

Once decompressed you see the following folders:

  • Addons

  • bin: Binaries for running on Windows and Linux.

  • conf: Configuration files (token configuration on \conf\

  • lib: Shared libraries for execution.

  • logs: Log files.

  • tmp

  • Webapp: Configuration files (database and transcoding configuration in webapp\WEB-INF\env.xml).

You will also find the following files




After completing these steps, it's time to configure the middleware. Click here to learn how to proceed.

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