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Installing the Viz Flowics Data Bridge
Installing the Viz Flowics Data Bridge
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The Data Bridge reads data from a local source and streams or pushes it to Viz Flowics Data Input in the cloud. This enables you to integrate live data into your graphics packages built in Viz Flowics.

The Data Bridge service is executed via our Middleware. Before delving into working with the Data Bridge, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled to run this service successfully:

  1. Start by checking the system requirements.

  2. Install the latest version of the Middleware, detailed in this article: Installing the Viz Flowics Middleware.

  3. Proceed to configure the Middleware in 'data bridge' mode by following the instructions provided for configuring the Viz Flowics Middleware.

  4. Finally, execute the Middleware, outlined in this article: Running the Viz Flowics Middleware.

After successfully installing and running the Middleware, you are now ready to start working with the Data Bridge.

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