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Setting up MOS support in Viz Flowics
Setting up MOS support in Viz Flowics
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The MOS support facilitates seamless communication between Viz Flowics and a Newsroom Computer System (NCS). To ensure successful data transfer between these systems, three essential components are needed:

1. Create a new MOS gateway configuration. Below in this article, you will find how to do this.
2. Ensure the latest version of the Middleware app is installed and operational locally on the same network as the NCS, find the prerequisites you need to meet to install the MOS Gateway by clicking here
3. Register the gateway and the plugin URL in the NCS.

In the following sections, we will delve into the process of configuring a Viz Flowics MOS gateway and obtaining the necessary token for MOS gateway installation, along with the Plugin URL that must be configured in the NCS.

Creating a new MOS Gateway configuration

Ensure you are granted MOS Administrator access to proceed with the MOS Configuration.

The MOS administrator must complete a one-time configuration of the Viz Flowics MOS gateway.

To create a new MOS Gateway configuration, navigate to the Top Bar Menu in Viz Flowics and select 'Settings.' Next, choose 'MOS Gateways' from the available settings options. Then, complete the MOS gateway configuration following the instructions below:

  1. Within the MOS config window, click on “+” to create a new MOS gateway.

  2. Gateway name: It is the name to identify the MOS gateway within the list of MOS Configurations in Viz Flowics.

  3. MOS ID: In your NCS, you must configure a MOS device and you should assign it a unique ID. If you have already done so, enter the ID of the connecting MOS device in this field. If you haven't configured the MOS device in your NCS yet, you can still set an ID here, but ensure that you type the same ID in your NCS configuration later. You can use the default one:

  4. NCS ID: Specify the ID of the NCS. Usually, it is the name of the NCS you are going to connect to. E.g. Dina, ENPS, iNEWS, etc.

  5. IP/Hostname: IP address or name of the NCS host where the Flowics MOS Gateway can connect to send messages to the NCS.

  6. NCS port: TCP port number corresponding to the MOS Upper port where the NCS is listening. Defaults to 10541.

  7. After all the fields are completed click on Create.

MOS Gateway Status

A MOS gateway can be set as Enabled or Disabled

If the MOS gateway is disabled, its configuration cannot be obtained and the service is not run, thus preventing the establishment of a connection between Viz Flowics and the NCS.

Getting the Integration token

To execute the MOS gateway, it's essential to set up its token in the Viz Flowics Middleware. This process essentially involves the middleware initiating the MOS gateway service and acquiring its configuration to establish the connection between Viz Flowics and the NCS.

To obtain the token, follow these steps within the MOS gateway configuration:

  1. Go to Gateway settings…

  2. Click on "Advanced" to obtain the token

  3. Copy the token

Then, set it into the configuration file.

Getting the Plugin URL

  1. Go to NCS settings…

  2. Click on the MOS Plugin to obtain the integration URL

  3. Copy the URL. Then, paste it in the NCS where you must configure the Viz Flowics ID with this URL.

    Additional settings

  4. Don't wait for ACK on ncsItem: When a MOS Object is created using the Viz Flowics plugin, a MOS message called 'ncsItem' is sent to the NCS by the plugin. By default, the plugin waits for the NCS to respond with an acknowledgment (ACK) message. As some NCS vendors do not send this message as a reply, this option can be enabled instructing the plugin not to wait for confirmation when sending a 'ncsItem'.

  5. Mosart Timing Info: This setting is useful when automating graphics triggering through Viz Mosart. In case you're not using Viz Mosart, you can leave this setting disabled.

When enabling this setting the MOS Plugin will allow you to enter timing information as expected by Viz Mosart. You can also customize the letters assigned to each Mosart destination. For more information about Mosart destinations please refer to the Viz Mosart guide.


MOS requests are the way to monitor everything that has been transmitted from the NCS to the Viz Flowics Gateway. Keep in mind that only recent logs are kept.

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