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Integrating Viz Flowics with Viz Mosart
Integrating Viz Flowics with Viz Mosart
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The integration allows Viz Mosart to automate Viz Flowics graphics that are loaded through the MOS Plugin of Viz Flowics within your NRCS.


  • Install and run the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway. Learn more by clicking here

  • Get the token of your graphic package. To learn how to get it click here.

  • Set up your NRCS. Find the list here, choose your NRCS, and follow the instructions provided.

  • Ensure you have Viz Mosart installed. The minimum required version is 5.4.

Setting up the Viz Flowics with Viz Mosart.

Open the Mosart Graphics Interface

Within the Viz Mosart Graphics Interface, access the settings and click on "Properties."

This action will open a new window for configuration.

Adding a New controller.

1. Click on "New controller."

2. Under the "Description" tab, choose "Flowics" from the Graphics Type option:

Adding a New Engine

3. Click on "New engine".

4. In the "Configuration" tab, input the token of your graphics package in the Graphics Token field:

The engine needs to be connected to a "Destination" by drag and drop

For additional details, you can check the Viz Mosart documentation here.

Setting up Viz Mosart in the Viz Flowics MOS plugin.

To visualize Viz Mosart controls within the Flowics plugin, follow these steps:

  1. In Viz Flowics navigate to the "MOS Gateways" option within Settings.

  2. Select your MOS Gateway.

  3. Click on the "NRCS Settings..." button.

  4. Check the "Show Mosart Timing Info" checkbox, and save your settings.

    Enabling 'Allow to change Destination' allows journalists to change the destination of an overlay.

Once completed, you will be able to see the Timing Info within the plugin in your NRCS:

Viz Mosart´s Timing Information Description

Within the Viz Flowics Plugin, configure the Viz Mosart Timing Information module as follows:


This setting determines where the graphics is played out on.


You can choose between Auto and Manual.

  • In - Auto: Auto means that it's scheduled on the timeline, and the time is how many min:sec after the previous primary element on the timeline.

  • Manual: If you choose this option, it hides the time section, enabling you to decide within Viz Mosart when to display the graphic.


Here you will find 4 options:

  • Out - Auto: Take the graphics out min:sec after it was taken in.

  • Out - Background: Take the graphics out when you go to the next primary element on the timeline.

  • Story: The graphic comes out automatically at the end of the story within the running timeline in Viz Mosart.

  • Open: The graphic remains on the screen until the operator decides to take it out of the program.

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