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Integrating Viz Flowics with Octopus
Integrating Viz Flowics with Octopus
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Viz Flowics Support is available for MOS protocol version 2.8.5

This integration allows the connection of Octopus to Viz Flowics.

The communication between Octopus and Viz Flowics occurs via the MOS protocol facilitating the direct transmission of news and stories directly to the Viz Flowics remote control's rundown interface for real-time on-air broadcasting.


  1. You need to have installed and run the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway on the same network where AP ENPS is running. Learn how to install the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway here.

  2. Having configured the MOS plugin in Viz Flowics. To learn how to complete this configuration, click here.

  3. Having configure the MOSAgent service on the MOS server, which is done by your Octopus support

Configuring the MOS Device for Octopus

To configure the MOS Device using Octopus you need to:

  1. Go to the “Administration” Tab

  2. Click the “Devices” button

  3. Click the “New” button on the toolbar

  4. Configure the “Basic” tab with the values of the XMOS Server.
    a. mosID:
    b. ncsID: Octopus
    c. Version: 2.8.5
    d. Rundown host: Put the IP address where the MOs server is located.

To configure the Viz Flowics Plugin you need to:

  1. Go to the “Plugins” Tab

  2. Click on "ADD"

  3. In the fields shown below, place the following:
    a.Shortname: Flowics
    b.Long name: Flowics
    c.Width: 1084
    d.Heigh: 768
    e.Type: Browser
    f:Platform: Chrome (CEF)
    g:Placement: Vertical split (recommended)

  4. In Shortcut number, the recommended fields are:
    a.Strech when inline
    b.Run in separate thread
    c.Reuse running plugin
    d.Use <ncsAppInfo>
    e.Close when object arrives

  5. In Implementation put the Mos Configuration Plugin URL from Flowics.

  6. Click on OK to save the new device.

Creating a new Rundown on Octopus

In order to use the Viz Flowics plugin in Octopus, it is necessary to create a Rundown and subsequently add the template to a story. To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Rundowns”.

  2. Go to “Rundown”.

  3. Select “New Rundown”

  4. Select the Channel

  5. Select the template you will be working with.

  6. Give a name to your playlist.

  7. Click on “OK” to create your new Rundown

Enabling Viz Flowics MOS Plugin in Octopus Client

Once the rundown is created, the next step is to create a story to include the items generated by the Viz Flowics plugin. To do so follow de next steps.

  1. Click on " + New ".

  2. Select "Story".

  3. Put a name to your story.

  4. click “OK” to create the story.

  5. Make a double click on the story´s name.

  6. Do a right-click over and select “MOS/Create using Flowics” or use de shortcut CTRL+1 to open the Viz Flowics Plugin.

A window will appear displaying the Viz Flowics Plugin login screen.

Adding Graphic Overlays to a Story

  1. Select the Project where you have created the Graphics Package

  2. Select the Graphics Package

  3. Choose the Overlay you want to work with

  4. Click on Use Template

  5. Fill in the fields of the selected template

  6. Click on Add to Story

  7. Within the content of the Stories, a new item will be generated, it will contain the Overlay that you just added

All the created templates will be available within the Viz Flowics Rundown for you to operate them.

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