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Integrating Viz Flowics with Ross Inception News
Integrating Viz Flowics with Ross Inception News
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Viz Flowics Support is available for MOS protocol version 2.8

This integration allows connecting Ross Inception News to Viz Flowics.

The communication between Inceptions News and Viz Flowics occurs via the MOS protocol facilitating the direct transmission of news and stories directly to the Viz Flowics remote control's rundown interface for real-time on-air broadcasting.


  1. You need to have installed and run the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway on the same network where Ross Inception News is running. Learn how to install the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway here.

  2. Having configured the MOS plugin in Viz Flowics. To learn how to complete this configuration, click here.

Adding a Device

  1. On the main toolbar, click the Configuration icon.

  2. On the Configuration window

    1. Click the MOS icon

    2. Click the Devices tab

    3. Click Add

Configuring the Device

Complete the Device Settings by filling in the blanks:

  1. Device: Select Uncertified Device

  2. MOS ID: Enter the MOS ID that you specified in your MOS Config in Viz Flowics

  3. Host: Enter the IP Address or hostname of the MOS Gateway

  4. MOS version: 2.8.4

  5. Name: Enter the name that you specified in the MOS configuration in Viz Flowics

  6. Description: Enter the description that you specified in the MOS configuration in Viz Flowics

  7. Click Next

Configuring the MOS plugin

Complete the MOS plugin information:

  1. Plugin: Select Web Plugin

  2. URL: Enter the URL that was given in the MOS configuration in Viz Flowics

  3. Click Next


This section is optional, here you can configure:

  1. Icon

  2. Background

  3. Foreground

Whether you configure the appearance or not click on Save.

Viz Flowics Plugin

By clicking on the MOS icon, you will see listed the MOS plugin. Select it to start creating a Rundown

Using Viz Flowics Templates in a Rundown

Creating a Rundown

In Ross Inception News to create a Rundown you need to go to the Story Browser. To do so click on the Story Browser icon

Click on Create Story, then select Broadcast to start adding your news

Double-click the story to open it in the Story Editor

Create a Rundown in the Story Editor, then click on Save.

Adding Graphic Overlays to a Story

  1. Select the Project where you have created the Graphics Package

  2. Select the Graphics Package

  3. Choose the Overlay you want to work with

  4. Click on Use Template

  5. Fill in the fields of the selected template

  6. Click on Add to Story

  7. Within the content of the Stories, a new item will be generated, it will contain the Overlay that you just added

  8. Every time a new template is added within Ross Inception News, it is necessary to save the changes by clicking on Save

  9. After saving your Rundown in Ross Inception News, all the created templates will be available within the Viz Flowics Rundown for you to operate them

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