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Integrating Viz Flowics with Dina
Integrating Viz Flowics with Dina
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Viz Flowics Support is available for MOS protocol version 2.8

Dina is a web-based application that uses the latest HTML5 web interface and runs natively on any web browser.

This integration is made possible through the Viz Flowics MOS plugin, which enables the exchange of information between the Flowics platform and Dina NCS.


  1. You need to have installed and run the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway on the same network where AP ENPS is running. Learn how to install the Viz Flowics MOS Gateway here.

  2. Having configured the MOS plugin in Viz Flowics. To learn how to complete this configuration, click here.

Settings within Dina

Please review to ensure that the URL has been correctly added.

  1. Go to 'User' within Dina.

  2. Select 'Settings'.

3. Within System Settings, select HTML Panels.

4. Choose Flowics and confirm that at the end of the URL it contains =true&origin=*

Setting up Dina MOS file

This configuration file is within the Dina Mos Gateway configuration. If you don't have access to this configuration, please contact Dina support.

To add the Viz Flowics Plugin within the Dina configuration file, you need to edit the file named "prod.json," which is located in the following path:


Within the "prod.json" file, enter the following parameters:

"clients": [
"ipAddress": "xxxxxx",
"lowerPort": 10540,
"mosId": "",
"autoConnect": true,
"reconnectInterval": 10,
"allowedMosObjects": [""],
"storyContent": {
"roElementAction": true,
"roStorySend": true

Using Viz Flowics Templates in a Rundown

To access Viz Flowics, you need to create or open a created Rundown.

Creating a new Rundown.

1.Go to Create a Rundown.
2.Select a Master Rundown.
3.Choose a name for the Rundown.

Adding Graphic Overlays to an Instance

In Dina, the graphics are added within the instances. To add a graphic from the Flowics plugin, follow the steps below:

1.Insert new Instance.
2.Type an Instance name and click on “Create”.

3.Select the instance where the graphic template will be added.
4.Click on “Editor” and a new window will open.
5.Click on “Fullscreen Graphics” incon to create a container.
(in the container you will place the items generated in the Viz Flowics plugin)

6.Click on “MOS” options.
7.In More Options select “Flowics”.
8.Login into the Viz Flowics Plugin.

9.Select the Project where you have created the Graphics Package.
10.Select the Graphics Package.

11.Choose the Overlay you want to work with.
12.Click on “Use Template”.

13.Fill the fields of the selected template.
14.Click on “Add to Story” (by doing this an item will be generated).

15.Drag the generated item and place it into the Fullscreen Graphics container.
16.Click on “Save”.

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