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Elements shadow property
Elements shadow property
Updated over a week ago

Use this property to add shadows around the following elements: Container, External Content, Image, Post Media, Progress Bar, Rectangle.


You can add multiple shadows to your element. The shadows will be listed in the Inspector, you can reorganize them and the shadows that are higher in the list will be drawn on top of the others, giving possibilities to create a more complex shadow, such as gradients.

Apply shadows to your elements by setting the following properties:


Outside: It is a drop shadow (as if the element were raised above).

Inside: It changes the shadow to one inside the element (as if the content was compressed inside it). Inset shadows are drawn inside the border.



Use this to change the apparent distance between the shadow and the element. The effect is achieved by increasing or decreasing the distance in pixels.

Increasing the distance gives the effect that the element is "hovering" just above the background.


The larger this value, the bigger the blur, so the shadow becomes bigger and lighter. Negative values are not allowed. If the value is 0 the shadow's edge will be sharp.


Define how gradually it fades out the edges. E.g. For harder shadows, you should increase them.


Change the color of the shadow.


You can hide the shadows to try different variants without losing them, they are only deactivated and they will not be shown.


If you remove the shadows they will be completely erased.

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