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Graphics Outputs Quota
Graphics Outputs Quota
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Depending on your Company’s plan, a certain amount of Graphics Outputs can be enabled at the same time.

A disabled Output shows a watermark above it, and enabling it removes that watermark.

When your Company reaches its limit, you won’t be able to enable more Outputs. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to create new Graphic Packages or edit the existing ones, but just that it won’t be possible to hide the Outputs watermarks.

To do so, you’ll have to previously disable an Output, or as your Company Admin upgrade your plan.

This Enabled Outputs Quota can be shared across all teams, it can be fully distributed among them, or a mix of both.

Shared Pool

By default, all teams use a Company-level Shared Pool of enabled Outputs. This means that anyone can enable as many Outputs as they need, up until the Company quota is complete.

Reserved Quota

You can also reserve a specific amount of Enabled Outputs for each Team, ensuring that they will always dispose of that certain amount of outputs, according to their needs.

Mixing Team Reserved and Shared Pool

Finally, you can also mix team reserved and shared pool usage, as an efficient way of ensuring that critical teams always have room for live operation, while still not having to distribute the entire Company’s quota among all Teams, which can be tedious or need periodical reviews by the Company Admin.

In this schema, if a Team reaches its allocated quota and still needs to enable more Outputs, it can also use the Shared Pool, given that the Pool is not fully used by other teams.

This Shared Pool can also be disabled for any specific Team if you want it to only use a certain amount of Enabled Outputs and no more than that. This is useful, for example, for testing teams, which may only need one or two Outputs.

Editing Quota distribution

Team Managers can see the allocations and usage of their respective teams, but can’t redistribute these limits.

(1) The number of live outputs the whole company has available for shared use or to distribute among teams. This number is defined according to your subscription plan.

(2) Total output distribution that was assigned to your company:

Used reserved Outputs: Refers to the outputs that were assigned to a team and are enabled.

Available reserved Outputs: Refers to the outputs that were assigned to a team but are not enabled.

Used Shared Pool: This is the number of enabled outputs that are consuming the shared pool quota.

Available Shared Pool: Represent the number of outputs available that can be used for any team in the whole company.

(3) In this table you can find the outputs available, allocated outputs, allocated usage, and pool usage.

(4) In this graphic you will see the quota of the shared pool that all the teams of the company can use. The orange color indicates which shared pools are being in use and they are not allocated to any team.

(5) Distribute your quotas between teams. This can only be done by a company admin.

Managing Quota distribution

Keep into account that only Company Administrators can edit team quotas.

(1) Teams: Refers to the teams that can use a company-level shared pool of enabled Outputs.

(2) Enabled Outputs: These are the activated outputs.

(3) Reserved Outputs: Refers to the outputs that were assigned to a team.

(4) Can use Shared Pool: They are the teams that do not have any number of graphics assigned and are enabled or not to be able to use shared pool quotas.

(5) Usage distribution: Refers to the number of outputs that are being used from the shared pool quota.

What should you do when getting the 50023 error?

When you try to "enable live" a graphics output and you get the error #50023, don't panic, you can solve this by disabling other outputs you are not using.

What you need to know about this error is that there is a limit of graphic outputs that can be enabled simultaneously, so when reaching this limit and trying to "enable live" an output then you will get the error #50023

You can also contact your Company Administrator to upgrade your limit so you can enable the output without the need to disable other outputs.

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