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Controlling Viz Flowics Overlays through vMix scripting
Controlling Viz Flowics Overlays through vMix scripting
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Overlays created in Flowics can be controlled using vMix scripting and shortcuts.

This feature is only available in vMix 4K, vMix Pro, and vMix Max licenses.


  1. Graphics package token. Learn more about how to obtain your graphics token.

  2. The Overlay node number.

  3. Add the URL of the Flowics output in vMix. Learn more clicking here.

Getting the Overlay node number

  • Click on the overlay you want to use.

  • In the URL, the node number is at the end. E.g. node=n13

Download the Script file

Importing the script to vMix

(1) Open Shortcuts settings.

(2) Select Scripting.

(3) Click on Add

(4) Name the script. We recommend naming it the same as the Flowics overlay you want control.

(5) Click on Import >> Find the script in your pc >> Open it

(6) Replace your token and the node number in the Script

(7) Click on Save and close to complete the process.

Assigning the script as a shortcut in vMix

(1) Go to Shortcuts >> Click on edit

(2) From the left menu, select shortcuts

(3) Click on Add

(4) Select the keyboard letter that will perform the action.

(5) Click on Function

(6) From the function menu select scripting

(7) Select "ScriptStart" to run the script

(8) In the Value field (Script Name) type the name of the script you created before

The shortcuts that you add will be displayed as shown in the following image. Remember that you can also control it with your keyboard.

If you want to control more overlays you need to add 1 script in vMix per overlay.

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